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“Grad of the Week”

Congrats on finishing your last midterms, grads! 

To add more excitement for graduating on December 20th, JMCGrads2012 is counting down the days by featuring a fellow Fall graduate every week. For our first “Grad of the Week”, we are featuring Laura Hulberg.


Major: Advertising

What excites you most about graduating? Finally having time to work on my own projects again!

What are you trying to do after graduation? Continue working as a social media manager at Dobango, expand the scope of what I do at work, and expand my network of professionals/peers in the advertising and tech industries.

Who’s made the largest impact in the JMC school for you? Tim Hendrick! He was my advisor when I was treasurer for the Spartan Ad Club in addition to when I was the creative director of the ad department for the Spartan Daily. He pushed me, but also taught me to fight for the ideas I believed in.

What would you like to say any last words to your fellow fall grads? Learning doesn’t stop here. The only difference is that you’re writing the course now. Keep growing and good luck!!


You can follow her on Instagram @laura_sav_


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