Grad of the Week: Martina Long

Why hello grads!

Only 21 more days until you will be fully thrusted into the real world. Exciting isn’t it?! This week, the JMC Fall Graduation Blog is featuring Martina Long. This girl is certainly “game” for the future.


Major: Advertising

What do you plan on doing after graduation? I plan on moving back home to good ol’ southern California…Find a job at an agency in Los Angeles or San Diego and work my way up the ladder.

Ultimate dream job: My ultimate dream job would be to be a CEO and “sit on the board” of a major advertising/entertainment agency or become a successful movie/tv producer

Person who most impacted your experience at DBH: Mr. George Coakley has made the most impact on my experience at SJSU. He really motivated and pushed my creativity and thought. His campaigns class has made me excited for whats to come next to come, in the workplace.

Favorite Quotes: “A wealthy person is someone who has what money can’t buy.” &  “I’m in the game to win some”

Any last words to your fellow grad class? Through the good, bad, and the ugly..Keep your eye on the prize and never give up!!

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