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Grad of the Week: Martina Long

Why hello grads!

Only 21 more days until you will be fully thrusted into the real world. Exciting isn’t it?! This week, the JMC Fall Graduation Blog is featuring Martina Long. This girl is certainly “game” for the future.


Major: Advertising

What do you plan on doing after graduation? I plan on moving back home to good ol’ southern California…Find a job at an agency in Los Angeles or San Diego and work my way up the ladder.

Ultimate dream job: My ultimate dream job would be to be a CEO and “sit on the board” of a major advertising/entertainment agency or become a successful movie/tv producer

Person who most impacted your experience at DBH: Mr. George Coakley has made the most impact on my experience at SJSU. He really motivated and pushed my creativity and thought. His campaigns class has made me excited for whats to come next to come, in the workplace.

Favorite Quotes: “A wealthy person is someone who has what money can’t buy.” &  “I’m in the game to win some”

Any last words to your fellow grad class? Through the good, bad, and the ugly..Keep your eye on the prize and never give up!!

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Baby Picture Slideshow

24 more days until the JMC’s  2012 Fall graduation!!



Until then, SEND US BABY PICS OF YOURSELF! We will compile your fellow grads into a slideshow for graduation and showcase how cute you were. It will also remind your family and friends how far you have made it. Congrats!




Grad of the Week: Hillary Conlin

Happy Thanksgiving, grads! 

We hope you all have an amazing time with your loved ones and have a joyous time whether you are on vacation, back in your hometown, or celebrating with your roommates. Good luck to your Black Friday aspirations as well! For this week, we are featuring Hillary Conlin


Major: Public Relations with a focus in Communications

Ultimate dream in your career: My ultimate dream in my career would be to work for a hotel. Preferably a hotel that has locations all around the world so I can have the chance to travel and even transfer to another hotel anywhere in the world.

Ultimate dream in your life: My ultimate dream in my life is to be able to support myself and be happy with everything that I have and everyone in my life. I just hope to become the best I can be even with all the bumps in the road that will come my way.

Biggest impact on you in the JMC school: Professor Martinelli had the biggest impact on me. She was my go-to for anything and everything. I knew I could go into her office and talk about school and my future without any hesitation. Even when I’d catch her standing outside we’d end up chatting about anything. I always knew I could count on her throughout my years in JMC and it was definitely sad to see her go.

What will you be doing after graduation: After graduation I will searching for a big girl job. I want to jump into the field whether it be here in San Jose or in San Francisco.

Favorite quote: “Accept the things you cannot change. Change the things you cannot accept.”

Any last words for you Fall grad class? any shout outs? I hope all of you are as ready as I am to graduate and I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. There is a whole world waiting for us to conquer one step at a time.

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Instagram @HillyCon
Twitter @HillyCon



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Grad of the Week: Nick Rotella

What’s up Grads,

Our featured graduate is Nick Rotella! Network with this guy, he’ll a be a future Fortune 500 manager one of these days.

Major: Public Relations

First thing you’ll do when you graduate: I am going to vegas with my friends right after graduation!

Who or what has made the largest impact for you in the JMC? Professor DiSalvo has made the biggest impact for me. she hooked me up with my first internship , which opened many doors for my career.

In five years, I’ll be doing… I will be rich and managing my own team in a fortune 500 company 🙂:)

Favorite quote? “You can always replace the money you waste, but you can’t replace the time you waste.”


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“Grad of the Week”

Congrats on finishing your last midterms, grads! 

To add more excitement for graduating on December 20th, JMCGrads2012 is counting down the days by featuring a fellow Fall graduate every week. For our first “Grad of the Week”, we are featuring Laura Hulberg.


Major: Advertising

What excites you most about graduating? Finally having time to work on my own projects again!

What are you trying to do after graduation? Continue working as a social media manager at Dobango, expand the scope of what I do at work, and expand my network of professionals/peers in the advertising and tech industries.

Who’s made the largest impact in the JMC school for you? Tim Hendrick! He was my advisor when I was treasurer for the Spartan Ad Club in addition to when I was the creative director of the ad department for the Spartan Daily. He pushed me, but also taught me to fight for the ideas I believed in.

What would you like to say any last words to your fellow fall grads? Learning doesn’t stop here. The only difference is that you’re writing the course now. Keep growing and good luck!!


You can follow her on Instagram @laura_sav_


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Fall 2013 Grad Fest

Hey grads!

Be sure to attend Grad Fest on November 6th-8th to purchase your cap and gown, save 10% on your diploma frame and have your graduation photograph taken. Other graduation deals and discounts will be offered!

Spartan Bookstore Grad Center 9am – 3pm

Here’s the link if you want to order your cap and gown plus other graduate essentials:

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